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Why Choose Spectrum?

What is the Difference between Spectrum
and other Fundraising Companies?

The client charities that we help and assist in our Out-of-House Programme do not have fundraising staff in place or the resources to fundraise and usually have very little money for fundraising. The Spectrum consultants will take over the fundraising in its entirety, working closely with the CEO and directors of the charity through our Out-of-House Programme and at the same time establish a fundraising department for the charity to take over once the Spectrum contract finishes. (click to view Out-of-House)

With other fundraising consultants if the charity pays an upfront consultancy fee or salary of an in-house fundraiser this has to be paid whether or not he or she is successful in achieving the fundraising performance. Many charities pay consultant fees in advance or arrears before fundraising results have been proven, if they don’t achieve their promise to increase fundraising performance they are fired by the charity but the charity has no redress in getting the consultancy fee back. (click to view Costs)

Non-risk Fundraising

Spectrum is perhaps, as far we know, the only fundraising company in the UK today to offer a non-risk fundraising of fees and expenses/costs if it does not cover all the fundraising costs from new income raised by Spectrum. The Spectrum client charity will never lose money by engaging in or with the Spectrum programme. This gives the trustees and senior officers of the charity complete peace of mind. (click to view Guarantee)

We meet with many charities every month that have either employed their own fundraiser, who after six or nine months has not covered their costs, or they have paid to retain a fundraising company who has also failed to raise them money, against whom they have no redress. They have lost all the money they have invested on fundraising and the charity then has to start again and is desperate to raise funds. This may sound a familiar story, however this would never happen within the Spectrum programme. (click to view Inclusive Benefits)



We commend the fundraising work of other fundraising consultants and companies who approach a very different market to Spectrum. Spectrum helps those charities which other fundraising consultants and companies cannot, because they require their fees to be paid monthly, in most cases prior to increased funds being raised.

Spectrum has many success stories and many charities would have closed if Spectrum had not been there to help.

Those charities are now thriving and providing an excellent service to the community.

Is it too Good to be True ?

Many of our prospective client charities have said it is ‘too good to be true’. However, then having spoken to our past and present client base, they have found that this is actually true.

Spectrum does exactly what is says it will do, very successfully every time, and it does it in a way that every charity can afford.