Out-of-House Programme for Capital and Revenue

How it Works

We assign your account to one or two of our fundraising consultants and work the Out-of-House Programme from one of our offices. We direct and manage the fundraising programme in its entirety reporting to you at the end of each month with a full report showing who has been contacted and the results. You would approve all fundraising material to be used, Project Papers, letters etc. and agree the contacts to be made – Trusts and Foundations, Vice Patrons, wealthy individuals, corporate and other grant-making bodies.

We offer a complete service.  Once you have approved the materials, we research and prepare all the applications and forward these to the prospective donors. We make between 40 and 50 applications per month, along with all the other associated work. Spectrum’s dedicated consultants will get to know you and your needs and work hard to fulfil your aims.

In addition there are other methods of revenue fundraising - (click here to view Other Methods)

Product Meeting by Conference Call / Email

Initially, we organise a Product Meeting the purpose of which is to package the product for fundraising. Out of this meeting would come several propositions, these would then be used for fundraising nationally and regionally. We collate information from you to enable us to produce a Project Paper- a document which succinctly states what the project is, its beneficiaries, the need, and the funds required to deliver the project.

We review any current or past fundraising through Trusts, companies, wealthy individuals and other grant-making bodies. We review the correspondence with all previous donors, to assess their potential to fund again. We would require full access to all previous trust fundraising and would discuss with you any trusts where you might have a personal connection.

We establish with you the fundraising material followed by an extensive research programme to identify Vice Patrons, Trusts, Companies and others.

Vice Patrons – of the Appeal and not the Charity

We would suggest appointing between 30 and 50 Vice Patrons to the Appeal to assist with the fundraising.  These are key people from political, business and voluntary sectors.


Monthly Progress Report

At the end of each month a comprehensive report is submitted to the client with a summary of all the fundraising activity during the month and any other key information. This is accompanied by a copy of our working spreadsheet, which contains full details of all work undertaken. A conference call is arranged to discuss the report in detail and every third month we meet the client face-to-face to review the work. We may however meet more regularly during the initial set-up period.

Fundraising Department - post Out-of-House Fundraising Appeal

At the end of the contract we transfer all the fundraising materials and donor database back to the client in-house and help recruit a fundraiser, if required, to allow the client to continue with the donor applications. The Trust database and Vice Patron network will have been established and will continue to provide an income stream annually if serviced correctly.

Our Out-of-House Programme is one of the most effective ways for a charity to establish their fundraising base in the most professional way.