Mentoring Services

for all Fundraising Programmes

Our Mentoring service guarantees to increase your fundraising income using the most up-to-date material and techniques.

We work alongside your existing fundraising team, manager or fundraising office, and advise on ways to improve fundraising results. This could be giving advice on ways to improve fundraising results through:


  • Trusts and Foundations
  • Corporates
  • Establishing a key supporter base of influential people
  • Wealthy Individuals
  • Direct Mail – Donor Acquisition, List Management, Donations, Covenants and Legacy Promotions, Membership Schemes
  • Community Fundraising – Groups, Schools, Collections, Sponsored Events and Special Events
  • Trading – Retail Shops and Catalogues
  • Legacy Income

How Mentoring works for Trust Work

Following an assessment of your current Trust operation we would help you to develop and extend your Trust work, that is applications made both with and without Vice Patron support. We would help you target Trusts on a more focused basis using known databases by researching the timing of Trust meetings and their grant criteria – what they would prefer to give to and the size of grants they make, and by reviewing the bid-writing material. Thus you would enhance and tailor your applications which would enable you to ask for more money than perhaps the Trust had given before.

We would assist, in any way required, via telephone and email. We would advise you on the research needed and also on which warm Trusts to develop further.

Packaging the Product for Fundraising

This is a key pre-requisite to achieving the maximum fundraising return; we will advise you on this.

The Spectrum mentoring programme would give you full advice and support in implementing the Trust development as outlined. We would have telephone and email contact as frequently as you wish and meet at least once each month with an update on fundraising progress, at which time we would programme future work.

In all, the mentoring programme would be very comprehensive and enable you to develop your Trust fundraising to maximise income.