Inclusive Benefits on Capital and Revenue

The following benefits are included in Spectrum's fees.  No other fundraising company in the UK will offer such a comprehensive package of benefits:

  • Costs of all consultants and management fees to raise the required target amount
  • All direction and management of the account to achieve the required target amount
  • Recruitment of a consultant, where necessary, giving full training in fundraising methods and techniques
  • An Out-of-House Programme which covers the cost of providing an Appeal office, computer equipment, internet access, office equipment and phone line rental thus also saving the charity staff on-costs such as NI, Pension, Holiday Pay, Management Costs etc.
  • Establishing a fundraising database/department for the charity which is transferred to the charity at the end of the Spectrum contract for future use
  • Creating all marketing materials including providing copy
  • Developing a network of key supporters to enhance fundraising (Vice Patrons)
  • Spectrum’s fundraising guarantee of a non-risk fundraising policy which guarantees to cover all fundraising costs from new income raised from the Spectrum programme
  • Pro-forma invoicing is offered where appropriate until new funds are raised enabling those charities without funds to commence fundraising
  • We are very much hands on and work to the highest standards of fundraising
  • Development and design of a legacy programme for the charity
  • We design and assist with the production of all fundraising materials including letters bid-writing

Free Fundraising Advice

Information Conference Call

Why not contact us to arrange a conference call to discuss fundraising requirements and find out how Spectrum may be able to help you. We do offer in this way, free fundraising advice.