Capital & Revenue Fundraising

We guarantee to increase  capital and revenue income and that new fundraising income will cover all fundraising costs. It is our intention that charities should not risk their existing funds on fundraising costs.

We guarantee, in the unlikely event that the Appeal fails to raise funds to cover the Appeal costs, that Spectrum will undertake to reimburse the client/charity all Appeal costs that are not covered by funds raised, from banked and pledged income (subject to minimum 12 month contract).

Our intention is that the charity will not risk its own funds on fundraising. We operate a non-risk fundraising policy for all charities and have done so successfully over the past 25 years.

Spectrum is the only fundraising company to offer this assurance.

Code of Practice

To uphold the Good Name and Integrity of the Charity.
Confidentiality and Frankness at all times.
To work to the lowest possible Cost Ratio.

Spectrum is compliant with all current relevant legislation and guidance to fundraising.