Common Questions asked by our Clients

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Expenses are kept to a minimum and cover the costs of mileage, stamps, envelopes, paper and ink.  Spectrum provides the home office and associated costs of computer equipment, internet access and office equipment

Yes this is payable on our invoice

All Spectrum consultants work from their own fully equipped home office thus saving you the cost of providing office space

We normally suggest a two year contract however this does depend on the appeal target

All contracts can be cancelled with one months’ notice by either party.  Should you wish to extend the contract at the end of its term this is something we discuss and if appropriate extend based on the fundraising need.

All fundraising costs are covered from new income raised and therefore not taken from your reserves.

Our percentage can range from 3% to 25% depending on the target of the appeal and if a retainer is also paid

This is entirely possible and the amount would depend on the appeal target

We would review all the previous work and suggest ways in which a repeat application could be made,  if however you have personal connections with one or two funders then the best approach would be discussed and if necessary excluded from the Spectrum work if we felt unable to add further value

We would work alongside your community fundraising and share information as appropriate.  The materials prepared by Spectrum will also enhance the work undertaken by the community fundraiser

We review your current work and suggest ways this could be improved by using Spectrum methods and techniques – this could be for a 3 – 12 month duration using our mentoring programme (click here to view - Mentoring)

These are produced by Spectrum with input from the Charity.  Spectrum will package the product for fundraising however all the materials are approved by the Charity before use.  These documents are also updated regularly by Spectrum.

All bid writing is done by Spectrum consultants, however all materials are approved by the Charity prior to use, any additional data needed for bids is provided by the Charity

We guarantee, in the unlikely event that the Appeal fails to raise funds to cover the Appeal costs, that Spectrum will undertake to reimburse the Client/Charity all Appeal costs that are not covered by funds raised, from banked and pledged income (subject to minimum one year contract).

At the end of each month a comprehensive report will be produced with a summary of all the activity undertaken during the month and any other key information.  This will be accompanied by our working spreadsheet, which contains full detail of all work undertaken.  A conference call will be arranged to discuss the report in detail and every third month we meet face to face to review the work.

We can transfer all the fundraising database and research back to you inhouse, we can help recruit and train a fundraiser to continue with the Spectrum method and techniques and we can provide a 3 month mentoring contract if required.

Or we can transfer all the material back to one of your existing staff and again offer a mentoring contract.

Or we may extend the contract depending on the fundraising proposition

Finally you may wish to employ the Spectrum fundraiser within your Charity.

Vice Patrons are key people in society, they are thoroughly researched against the criteria of your Charity to help with the Appeal.

Spectrum is compliant with all current relevant legislation and guidance to fundraising including GDPR.

Commission is only charged on donations once received and banked by the charity, we can also if appropriate provide pro-forma invoices to cover any retainer and expenses until enough new funds are raised enabling those charities without funds to commence fundraising.

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