We tailor our fundraising services to give the maximum help to charities, with the least financial exposure or risk. Our costs are calculated over a period of 12 to 24 months for capital and revenue fundraising, day rates of £250 – £750 or retainer plus commission from 3% to 25% depending on the fundraising target, or on a retainer-only basis.  Spectrum does not charge commission in advance of money being raised.

Spectrum’s cost to the client charity could not be more transparent. Some charities recruit a fundraising consultant to assist with their fundraising who charge their fees in advance, however in addition to these costs, the charities still have to pay the cost of their fundraising staff, management costs, office space and administration costs which will equate in many cases to over 40%. When added to the consultant fees this could be in the region of 60%.  Conversely other charities employ their own fundraiser with a view to saving money.  Having to pay salary and on-costs, plus office and management costs, but with no guarantee of satisfactory results. They do not have the guarantee offered by Spectrum if the fundraising fails.

Spectrum endeavours to keep its fundraising costs to a minimum for its clients and at the same time offers its clients a non-risk fundraising policy. Charities who have had a bad experience with fundraising companies  or employed fundraising staff can at last have peace of mind with the Spectrum non-risk fundraising policy. (click to view Guarantee).  Our present and past client base will testify to this.

Spectrum’s programmes help charities who need to raise from £150k to £5m on a large Capital Appeal and have been designed to help those charities most in need. Our fee structure is very transparent and fair, we will charge a day rate, a straight retainer, or a small retainer plus commission on both banked and pledged income from trusts only. For those charities who have no funds we will also produce a pro-forma invoice until we raise funds to cover our fees and commission.

We help charities that may not otherwise be able to afford help who desperately need it. Those charities that have no funds to pay a retainer and expenses up-front are those who are so desperately in need of funds and those that we aim to help.