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Capital Fundraising

Spectrum specialises in successfully directing Capital Appeals ranging from £100,000 to over £5 million. We can conduct Capital Appeals in-house working with existing staff, or we can recruit new fundraising staff, or we can undertake the Capital Appeal within our Out-of-House Programme.

Feasibility Study

Spectrum would, if required, provide the charity with an objective feasibility study which would provide in-depth reports on identified sources of funding from the various donor sectors – grant-making Trusts and Foundations, Companies, individuals etc. Realistic fundraising targets would be projected from this. The feasibility study will clearly show the timetable for the proposed Appeal and of course an overall report on its viability.

Some charities prefer us to build the feasibility study into Stage One of the Appeal, which therefore saves time and the charity money and allows fundraising to commence that much sooner.

Capital Appeal Strategy


Each Capital Appeal has its own specific strategy tailored to the charity, which is organised in three phases.

  • Stage 1 – Planning and Preparation
  • Stage 2 – Intensive Fundraising
  • Stage 3 – Appeal Completion / Post Appeal After Care

Once the Appeal has been completed the charity may wish to continue to employ the Appeal Director to raise revenue income for the charity in the future, from the donor base developed during the Appeal. Thus on completion of the Appeal the fundraising databases and material are handed over to the charity, either to the existing fundraising department or a new one to be created which we could help with.

“In 2014 Spectrum completed raising £4.4 million for a new Respite Care Centre in Waterlooville, Hants for the charity SMILE SUPPORT & CARE. The Appeal’s fundraising started in November 2011 and took three years to complete.”

Spectrum has also just completed the 65th Anniversary Appeal for The National Almshouse Association raising £1.5m.

Duration of Appeals and Time Allocation of Spectrum

Appeal timetables differ but, generally speaking, Appeals last from between 12 to 24 months. The shorter the time period the better.

Testimonials and references endorse that Spectrum's nationally tried and tested methods not only raise money fast but that they also guarantee to be cost effective.   No charity will every lose money by engaging with Spectrum's guarantee. (click here to view Guarantee)  Spectrum’s only “hidden extras” are the hours of hard work we put in to make sure that your Appeal succeeds.


Your enquiry will be kept in the strictest confidence and we will be delighted to discuss ways in which we can help. Our many years of experience in fundraising will prove to be invaluable to your charity.