About Us

Spectrum Capital & Revenue Fundraising Limited was established in January 2012 as a part of the Spectrum Group by Philip M Peake, Chairman and Managing Director. Since 1989 Spectrum has worked with hundreds of charities covering all areas of charitable work. As well as working with the larger charities, directing and organising Capital Appeals in excess of £5 million, Spectrum also assists charities of all sizes to develop and expand their Capital and Revenue Fundraising programmes.

Spectrum is a relatively small, but extremely effective, Fundraising and Marketing company with over 25 years’ experience in all areas of Fundraising. Spectrum employs professional independent fundraising consultants who have been fully trained by Spectrum and work only with Spectrum clients. They offer wide and extensive knowledge in Fundraising, Marketing and Recruitment. Its client record is excellent. Unlike most other fundraising consultancies, Spectrum is very much a hands-on organisation.

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Spectrum can offer Help and Assistance with:

• Out-of-House Funding for Revenue and Capital: Many charities do not have the resources, financial or otherwise, to fundraise in-house. Spectrum will establish a fundraising programme for Trusts and Foundations, companies, and wealthy individuals Out-of-House.

All Spectrum fundraising consultants undertake their work from a Spectrum office. We create a fundraising department for the charity outside the charity, taking full responsibility for all the fundraising. When the Appeal is completed/fully funded or contract completed, we transfer all the fundraising data and key supporter base back into the charity, recruit and train fundraising staff to takeover and mentor when necessary for three months.

Our fundraising consultants are professionally trained in Trusts, corporates, wealthy individuals, Vice Patrons and bid-writing work and also produce all the fundraising material, case for support, project papers and letters.
We treat revenue fundraising in the same way as capital fundraising within our Out-of-House programme using the same techniques and methods for fundraising. (click to view Out-of-House)

• Establishing a New Fundraising Department involves full recruitment and training of the Fundraising Manager, staff and volunteers. Spectrum has very successfully established new Fundraising Departments for charities who have not fundraised seriously previously.

• Mentoring: Spectrum provides a mentoring service for fundraising staff requiring direction, help and assistance. We would work with your fundraising staff to achieve the best possible results and to increase your fundraising performance. (click to view Mentoring Services)

We can also help to develop the following key areas of fundraising:

  • The Corporate Sector
  • Wealthy Individuals
  • Charity Shops
  • Legacy Promotion
  • Special Events
  • Direct Marketing
  • Community Fundraising

If your charity is in need of help to develop or expand its Fundraising Programme, Spectrum would be pleased to give you a free consultation, without any obligation, to assess what help and assistance could be given and at what cost.