Welcome to Spectrum

Spectrum Capital and Revenue Fundraising Ltd is one of the oldest fundraising companies in the UK and its modus operandi is very different and unique from other fundraising consultancies.

Over the years, it has evolved into a one-stop fundraising company to help those charities who need fundraising help the most. These charities, in most cases, don’t have the funds or resources to fundraise themselves, we establish a new fundraising base for the charity enabling it to continue to fundraise independently in the future – post the Spectrum programme.

Spectrum has grown in experience and has become known in the voluntary sector for offering a first-class professional service to charities of all sizes.

Spectrum fundraising programme is one of the most successful in the UK and no charity will lose money in engaging with Spectrum.

How Spectrum is Different

Spectrum fundraising consultants (click here to view Organisational Structure) within its Out-of-House Programme for capital and revenue are very different from other fundraising consultants as they undertake the full fundraising brief.  We direct and manage the fundraising in its entirety whereas other consultants don't do this and are not hands-on or accountable for their fundraising performance which can be extremely poor and expensive to the Charity. Spectrum also has a mentoring programme whereby its consultants give advice and guidance to existing charity fundraising staff  (click here to view Mentoring).

Spectrum is Very Different as it Offers a Guarantee

Spectrum is one of the very few fundraising companies in the UK today to offer a full money back guarantee of fees and expenses/costs if it does not cover all the fundraising costs from new income raised. The Spectrum client charity will never lose money by engaging in or with the Spectrum programme, this gives the trustees and senior officers of the charity complete peace of mind.

So many charities that contact Spectrum for help with fundraising have had bad experiences with previous fundraisers which have cost them a lot of money and time because the fundraising has failed. Spectrum is therefore a very unique and specialised fundraising company which has helped many hundreds of charities over the years to survive, grow and provide a more effective service in the community.

Spectrum does exactly what is says it will do very successfully every time and it does it in a way that every charity can afford.

If your charity is in need of help to develop or expand its Fundraising Programme, Spectrum would be pleased to give you a free consultation, without any obligation, to assess what help and assistance could be given and at what cost.